Report: BSV miners lost approximately $2.2 million after hard forks

Report: BSV miners lost approximately $2.2 million after hard forks

It was mentioned in the report that the BSV miner's gross margin was minus 12% since the BSV hardened from Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The estimate is based on the number of coins mined, the current coin price, and the lower limit of the cost of mining electricity.

The Twitter also pointed out that when calculating costs, only the electricity used for mining was estimated.

In November, prior to hard forks, BitMEX introduced a network monitoring tool for Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), all from the network monitoring tool called Forkmonitor.

In March of this year, BitMEX also launched the Ethereum (ETH) node index website NodeStats, which displays data about five different ETH nodes, updated every five seconds. The site was launched in partnership with BitMEX Ethereum data partner TokenAnalyst.

Recently, BSV is deeply immersed in the whirlpool of public opinion. After its co-founder Craig Wright announced that he would sue the Twitter user and offer a reward for his "human flesh", Chan Chan CEO Zhao Changpeng, Morgan Creek Digital founder Pompliano, founder of Bitcoin Foundation Heavyweight encryption industry figures such as Charlie Shrem have called for a boycott of the BSV and called for cryptocurrency exchanges to "off the shelf."

According to the push data, BSV has been falling for nearly a week, its current price is 70.91 US dollars, fell 2.58% within 24 hours, the total market value is about 1.26 billion US dollars, is the 12th largest cryptocurrency. (Mars Finance)