April 13 madman market analysis: Ma Yun's work attitude determines the height of life

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Yesterday, the bulls began to counterattack in the evening, and they recovered the 5000 integer mark in one fell swoop. However, we are not very strong in terms of the strength of funds, so the possibility of falling back again in these two days is still relatively large. Today, the small rebound can be reduced again. It does not have the persistence of the rebound. In addition, the attitude of the mainstream currency and the small currency funds is obviously wait-and-see. Therefore, it is still a high probability event to step back on the 4800. It is not easy to buy now, and the market adjustment has not yet ended.


Linked to the big cake, the two-day 5-day line has been depressed, and there will be a downward trend tomorrow, with strong support of 150.


There is still no upswing in the upswing, and the bottom continues to fluctuate mainly in the short term.


The trend is similar to the ether, with support at 74,70


The rebound is weak and lighten up.


Yesterday's counterattack was ok, stronger than other mainstream currencies, but before the 5-day line, no more positions were added.


Today's rebound is equally weak, but the increase is a strong trend in the mainstream currency, indicating that the attention of funds is still there, waiting for the backwardness, we are considering jiacang.


The short-selling power that continued to fall yesterday was almost vented. Today, it rebounded strongly, but the intensity was average. Therefore, it will be very anxious in the short term. It is expected to be dominated by 2.3-2.6.


Still on the wayback, the second upside can wait for the breakout channel to go buy.

April 13 madman market analysis: Ma Yun work attitude determines the height of life

Judging from the overall trend, most of the mainstream currencies are shrinking and rebounding today, and the intensity is extremely limited. The probability of continuous upswing in the short term is not large, so there will be another callback. When we adjust, we can observe the intensity and the quantity can start to decrease effectively. If it is, it will gradually start to rise. The small currency is also a repair market today. The mainstream currency does not confirm the rise. There is nothing to play with the small currency. Most of the daring to pull up is to attract large-scale shipments, so We wait and see, do not add positions for the time being. On the contrary, if the position is heavier, you can consider rebounding halfway, so that you are in a state of attack and retreat.

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