Japan Financial Services Agency: will implement the certification review of the independent regulatory agency for cryptocurrency derivatives trading

On August 28th, the Japan Financial Services Agency announced the theme document of the “Practice and Future Policy of Financial Administration to the Present Year”. In the future policy on cryptographic assets, the Japan Financial Services Agency said that with the revision of the relevant bills, it will vigorously promote the users and the industry, and steadily promote the revision of the decree and administrative guidelines, and establish an effective registration review and inspection system. And methods. In addition, the certification review of independent regulatory agencies for cryptocurrency derivatives transactions will be implemented to promote the initial establishment of an independent regulatory mechanism for the crypto-asset industry. Strengthen exchanges with independent regulatory agencies, including regulatory cooperation and regular information exchange. The Financial Services Department also stated that it is foreseeable that financial products targeting crypto assets will appear in the future. From the perspective of investor protection, we should carefully deal with the construction and sale of financial products for general investors and discuss the necessary preparatory work.