Babbitt exclusive A-share blockchain concept stocks, the fastest growth rate of these 10

In the previous article , we dismantled the dimensions of the number of times mentioned in the blockchain of 118 blockchain concept stocks. This article is disassembled from financial data.

Since there are 66 blockchain concept stocks, 66 have not mentioned the blockchain in the financial report, so in the financial dismantling article of this article, we will exclude these 66, only the remaining 52 Home for statistics.

The market value of circulation exceeds 640 billion yuan, and Suning Tesco has the highest market value.

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The overall market value of 52 blockchain concept stocks was 644.53 billion yuan, of which Suning Tesco ranked first with 83.506 billion yuan.

In relation to the blockchain business, according to Suning Tesco's semi-annual report in 2019, during the reporting period, Suning Financial launched the blockchain forfeiting business, and the blockchain + IoT car library system obtained CITE 2019 The blockchain application innovation outstanding case, the intelligent collection platform won the China Banking Regulatory Commission's 2018 risk management project second-class achievement award.

In addition, among the 52 blockchain concept stocks, 34 have a market capitalization of less than 10 billion yuan, accounting for 65.38%. There are 10 in 10 billion to 20 billion yuan, 5 in 20-500 billion yuan, and 3 in 50 billion yuan.

The total revenue is nearly 290 billion yuan, and Xinchen Technology has the fastest growth rate.

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The total revenue of 52 companies in the first half of 2019 was 289.522 billion yuan, an increase of 12.8% compared with the same period of the previous year in 2018. Among them, Xinchen Technology ranked first with a growth rate of 131.64%.

It is worth noting that Xinchen Technology is one of 14 companies in the blockchain “Caring for Love”. In the last article, we mentioned that Xinchen Technology has mentioned the number of blockchains in the semi-annual report compared to last year. Some time.

In terms of blockchain business, Xinchen Technology has completed its business. In the report period, the company implemented a customer information sharing system based on blockchain technology of a large financial group; the implementation of a joint-stock bank based on blockchain technology Supply chain project. At the same time, in 2019, the company continued to focus on the research and innovation of new technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing and big data in the industry, and increased investment in R&D in the blockchain field, and continued to follow the relevant mainstream blocks. With its open source community version, the chain platform uses the company's business advantages in the field of trade finance to create innovative applications. It also actively conducts research on consensus algorithms, encryption algorithms and cross-chain technologies, through blockchain team building and independent research and development of BaaS. The launch of the platform further consolidates the foundation for the development of the blockchain field.

The total profit is 15.5 billion yuan, and 1/4 of the total score is 1/4

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52 blockchain concept stocks, a total profit of 15.511 billion yuan in the first half of 2019, down 9.91% compared with the same period of last year, of which 36.20 billion to become the most profitable blockchain concept stock, accounting for 52 companies 26% of profits.

However, the three or six zeros only mentioned the blockchain twice in the financial report, and once mentioned in the common interpretation of the report, the main core technologies used by the company, namely: I-IoT IntelliSense, M-Mobile Communications, A – Artificial intelligence, B-blockchain, C-cloud computing, D-big data, E-edge computing, the above technologies are collectively referred to as "IMABCDE". The other time, the company invested 4.975 million yuan to develop key technologies for trusted electronic depository systems based on blockchain.

In general, in the 2019 semi-annual report, the 52 blockchain concept stocks mentioned in the blockchain increased by 12.8% compared with the same period of last year, and the net profit decreased by 9.91%. The later development is worth looking forward to.

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