People's Network will hold the "Content Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship" contest, the entries include emerging technologies such as blockchain

On August 30th, People's Daily announced at the investor meeting that it will hold the “Content Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship” competition during the year. Content technology is the first concept put forward by People's Network in the three-year plan for integrated development in late July. It mainly refers to the supply and consumption chain of content products, the organization and division of labor of the content industry, and the artificial intelligence, big data, which have a major impact. Various emerging technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, as well as new formats, new applications, and new services that are generated by these technologies. According to the 2019 interim report released by People's Daily Online, People's Daily Online has taken 2019 as the first year of content technology to increase the re-excavation, re-creation and re-optimization of Internet technology and applications, and actively transform into technological and intelligent enterprises. The goal is to become a leader in "content technology."