58 Jinan Area of ​​Shandong Free Trade Zone launched 58 characteristic innovation measures such as “Government Cooperation Service Platform Using Blockchain Technology”

According to the public network news, on August 31, the launching construction and mobilization meeting of the Jinan area of ​​the China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone was held. The reporter learned from the scene that the Jinan area launched 58 characteristic innovation measures, including exploring the use of blockchain technology, establishing an enterprise digital asset security and trustworthy circulation and government cooperation service platform. Create a digital asset management and application model based on blockchain technology, innovate data sharing mode and government service mode, realize approval and compression and process reengineering, and solve cross-departmental and cross-system problems of digital certificate trusted delivery. Create a platform system based on blockchain technology for “enterprise start-up”, quickly complete the business license of newly opened enterprises, seal registration and engraving, social security registration, bank pre-opening and other business matters, greatly reducing the financial costs of enterprises and the masses cost.