Guangming Daily: Yunnan's high-quality promotion of 5G commercial pilot and blockchain technology applications

On September 1st, Guangming Daily published an article "Yunnan: Realizing the Boundary and the Riches with Development". The article points out that Yunnan Province, located in the southwest of the motherland, is a main battlefield for the fight against poverty in the country. It is the main battlefield for the nation to fight against poverty. The contradiction between unbalanced development and inadequate development is extremely prominent. Therefore, in the theme education of “not forgetting the initial heart and remembering the mission”, all levels of Yunnan Province, up and down, focus on “development” and rectify and solve problems with development. For example, improve the "one mobile phone" series of products, promote high-quality 5G commercial pilot and blockchain technology applications, and fully promote the construction of "Digital Yunnan"