The data shows that there were 12 security incidents in August, and PlusToken’s running funds opened intensive money laundering.

According to PeckShield data, in the past month, there have been 12 more prominent security incidents in the entire blockchain ecosystem. Hazard rating: intermediate; damage amount: nearly 9 million US dollars; event distribution: 3 exchanges, DApp 5, smart contracts, phishing scams, etc.; asset tracking dynamics: PlusToken multi-asset frequent money laundering. Specifically: there are 5 hacker attacks in the EOS DApp ecosystem, a total of 52,912 EOS losses, the attack mode is mainly transaction blocking; 2, the currency AWS Japanese machine room cache server failure causes real-time data synchronization misalignment, the impact is within the controllable range 3, CoinTiger exchange claims that the cold wallet was stolen caused widespread industry hotspots; 4, PlusToken wealth management wallet BTC, XRP, EOS part of the assets changed, and in the frequent money laundering operations, a small amount of funds from the OTC after confusion Channels are sold.
PeckShield believes that the issue of exchange security is still the number one threat to the entire ecology. It should strengthen the control and prevention work; because PlusToken runs a large amount of funds, more frequent capital changes and the possibility of selling, it will become a panic in the market. fuse.