The data shows that there were 11 security incidents in August and the digital currency worth over 60 million was stolen.

According to the statistics of the Eagle-Eye platform of the Chengdu Chain Security Situational Monitoring Platform, various attacks and money-losing incidents occurred frequently in August, and 11 typical security incidents occurred.

These include:

1. Three Dapp attacks occurred on the EOS chain, and the hacker attack exceeded 20,000 EOS.

2. A malicious website falsifies the Electrotum website for phishing, and a user claims to have stolen 700 bitcoins.

3. Telegram "moving bricks and arbitrage" scams emerge one after another, a new victim was defrauded to take 201 ETH.

4. Amazon server AWS has problems, multiple exchange data is abnormal and restrict users to withdraw coins.

5. Coin security, bitstamp, CoinTiger, and Citex have repeatedly launched security incidents.

Among them, the currency security and bitstamp exchanges are mainly for user information leakage problems, and the number of users who have been leaked information is large, involving multiple countries;

The cold wallet of PTT stored on the CoinTiger exchange was hacked, and 401,981,748 PTTs were stolen;

The VEIL token on the exchange's Citex platform was attacked by Zerocoin, causing the VEIL transaction to be suspended.

In the statistic range, the loss of security incidents in August exceeded RMB 60 million. Although compared with last month's situation, the number of security incidents decreased slightly this month, and the losses were relatively reduced. However, the occurrence of exchange security incidents is still on the rise, and the main attack method of hackers is exploitation. The security awareness of exchanges still needs to be strengthened. .

In addition, new security issues have arisen, and problems such as brick arbitrage, fraud, and server failures have increased.

In view of the current new situation of blockchain security, Chengdu Chain Security reminds the project parties to pay attention to security risks, especially exchanges. Often exchange security incidents involve huge amounts of money, and it is even more necessary to enhance security awareness and conduct project security review.

It is suggested that the blockchain project should strengthen its technical capabilities, and it will have a sense of enhancing system architecture security during system design and development, and establish a sound security architecture system and emergency response mechanism. If necessary, you can find a security company to cooperate, through third-party technical support, security testing, security hardening, reduce loopholes to avoid unnecessary losses.