Chengdu Chenghua District will introduce the China Blockchain Application Research Center Sichuan Center

According to Sichuan Online News, on August 31, the Sichuan Provincial Local Financial Supervision Administration, the Chengdu Chenghua District People's Government, and the China Financial Museum Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of cooperation on the tripartite cooperation to create the Sichuan New Financial Technology Ecology Center. The director of the State-owned and Financial Bureau of Chengdu Chenghua District introduced that the financial museum comprehensive project jointly established by the three parties in Chenghua District includes the Tianfu Sichuan Financial Museum and the Sichuan New Financial Technology Ecology Center, and introduced the China M&A Association Western Center and China Blockchain Application. The Sichuan Center of the Research Center will build a new financial industry ecosystem of financial culture, M&A industry and financial technology “three in one”.