Zhao Changpeng: Over-regulation will bring side effects; small projects are recommended to go online on small exchanges or DEX

According to PANews news, recently, Zhao Changpeng, founder of the currency, said in an interview that the centralized exchange binance.com is the main business, and DEX is a new project. Currently, the liquidity is relatively small, but he believes that the decentralized exchange is The future trend, so the currency has spent a lot of energy on both sides. When asked about the issue of the currency, Zhao Changpeng said that since the currency security is now a big exchange, it is not a good thing for small projects to have a large price fluctuation. He suggested that small projects should go to smaller exchanges or DEX first, and it would be better to go online after some time to find out some big exchanges. Of course, he also admitted that the user base is an important factor in the listing of the exchange. If a project has millions of users, then the currency will take the initiative to put the token. Regarding the design of IEO, Zhao Changpeng said that this is not a new concept. The lottery system exists in traditional financial markets, such as the initial public offering of the China Stock Exchange. So there are many concepts that can be borrowed from different markets.