Twitter CEO account is hacked, this is a reminder of cryptocurrency security

Yesterday, Twitter and Square’s CEO, firm bitcoin and cryptocurrency supporter Jack Dorsey’s personal Twitter account were attacked by SIM card and SMS backdoor attacks.

This hacking test shows that even the CEO's account in his company may be attacked, which reminds people that if this kind of thing can happen to a famous person like Dorsey, you may have the same experience.


Yesterday, Dorsey's Twitter account was attacked by a group of hackers who claimed to be ChucklingSquad. This account is often used as a channel for the company to issue important announcements and to express its personal opinions. The hacker posted ridiculous instructions, racist speech, and "hello world" style information after breaking into his Twitter account.

Although this incident did not involve Bitcoin, Dorsey's account was invaded because he was the victim of a SIM card swap attack. SIM card swapping attacks are a relatively new type of attack and are increasingly being used for cryptocurrency holders. Dorsey is one of the world's best-known Bitcoin supporters, and its company's Square Cash app offers bitcoin trading and says the crypto asset will one day become the world's only Internet currency.

As was the case with some password investors, hackers connected Dorsey's phone number to a virtual phone, which was then used to send offensive tweets.

Other people who have encountered similar situations are not so lucky. Angel investor Michael Terpin was the victim of a SIM card swap attack that resulted in the theft of $24 million in cryptocurrency. Terpin filed a lawsuit against the then mobile service operator AT&T, saying it was negligent and received $75.8 million in damages. AT&T is also a service provider for Dorsey, which suggests that there may be some connection between the two events.

Many celebrities who are involved in cryptocurrency and bitcoin investments have also become targets of similar attacks. Recently, a well-known e-sports player became the target and shared this event on his YouTube channel. As cybercriminals continue to target cryptocurrency holders, such incidents will only increase.


For cryptocurrency investors, it is important to take additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator. For security reasons, be sure to back up the 2FA code on paper.

In addition, assets such as Bitcoin can be isolated from the exchange for cold storage. Never disclose your cryptocurrency holdings to anyone, and try not to use the same username and password. Systems that run anti-malware, such as MalwareBytes, carefully install browser plugins.

Dorsey probably has taken all of the above steps, even more rigorously, but the hacker is still able to access his account. It turns out that no one can be 100% safe at all times, however, these steps will certainly help to keep a person's assets safe.