Du Qian, Dean of Hangzhou Internet Court: Judicial blockchain helps protect the copyright of online writers

According to the Weibo news of the Supreme People's Court, Du Qian, the president of the Hangzhou Internet Court, said in a speech that Hangzhou has a famous Chinese online writer village. The well-known online literature writer Tang Jiasan is the village head of the network writer village. The writers of the writer's village have created many online literary works that are fast-moving, wide-ranging, and influential. However, the infringements that follow have also shown the characteristics of low infringement cost, concealed means of infringement, and difficulty in finding the infringing subject. In particular, the difficulty of obtaining evidence for network infringement has caused great trouble to the rights of network writers. To this end, the Internet Court will chain the digital copyright industry chain to the judicial blockchain. Through the blockchain, defenders can complete the entire process record from creation to rights protection, full link trust, full node witness, and more. Effectively protect the rights and interests of online writers.