Russian industrial city Bratsk promotes the development of bitcoin mining due to low temperatures and abundant cheap electricity

According to CoinDesk, several large mines from Europe, Asia and the United States have set up plants in Bratsk, Russia, to take advantage of the region's low temperatures (which can reduce cooling costs) and the abundant and cheap power of hydropower stations. Dmitry Ozersky, CEO of mining company Eletro.Farm, said that bitcoin mines across Russia now have a combined capacity of 600 megawatts, accounting for nearly 10% of the total 7 billion watts of electricity supported by the global bitcoin network. His estimate is based on data from a dedicated mining chip manufacturer called ASIC. Bitriver Chief Commercial Officer Dmitri Ushakov said that Bitriver currently has 18,000 ASICs. Most machines belong to the owners of Russia and the United States. The Russians have a total of about 9,000 ASICs at the mine, about 4,000 Americans, Japan's third, and about 3,000 ASICs in Bitriver. The remaining customers are from Brazil, Lithuania, India, Poland and China.