Deloitte China Chief Digital Officer: Deloitte will further improve the five major digital layouts including blockchain technology

According to the news, Zhao Wenhua, the chief digital officer of Deloitte China, said in an interview recently that Deloitte, as a large-scale professional service organization in the world, will continue to refine and deepen its professional services and industry resources, and will also be committed to creating innovative businesses and high-tech. Technical products provide high quality professional services to financial institutions and industries. Deloitte Digital will further improve the layout of the five major aspects, we call ABCDR. A is artificial intelligence, including face recognition, image recognition, natural language learning, etc., B is the blockchain (blockchain) team, C is Cloud (cloud computing), D is BigData (big data), big data and data analysis It has been integrated into 40% of our business and covers a lot of our business. R is RPA (Robot Process Automation).