A chain of listed companies in the blockchain business to make money behind the chain is still winter

In the cold winter of the chain, a flower appeared.

On August 29, 2019, Yuanguang Co., Ltd. released the first half of the financial report. The blockchain and artificial intelligence business income was 16.259765 million yuan, accounting for 2.57% of the operating income; the same period last year, the operating income was 3.294 million yuan, accounting for 0.57% of the operating income. The data increased by 393.61% year-on-year. Combined with the company's disclosure of the research and development costs of the blockchain in the first half of the year was 5.58 million yuan, and its gross profit has been positive.

As we all know, in the field of blockchain, especially the chain, it is still at the stage of losing money. Many companies often work "free" in order to get benchmarking. The blockchain business of Yuanguang Software can make money and has a positive aspect.

On the other hand, from the perspective of the type of high-end software blockchain business, its customers are mainly shareholders' related parties, which means that the conditions of the blockchain industry as a whole have a profit model are not yet mature.

Atypical money

Yuanguang Software (002063) is one of the listed companies that laid out blockchain technology earlier. As early as 2015, the company established a blockchain technology research laboratory and established a blockchain application division in 2017.

According to the introduction of Yuanguang Software, the company's blockchain business combines the development direction of the energy Internet, and makes some applications for the transaction and settlement of the energy industry. On the other hand, through the deposit of certificates and electronic certificates, it does some social services and open products. Such as blockchain invoice coordination and depositing platform.

In the first half of this year, the company's blockchain business was more in the energy sector.

The financial report of Yuanguang Energy did not disclose the detailed project revenue of the blockchain business. However, during the reporting period, Yuanguang Software Blockchain Application Division developed various products such as supply chain finance, data deposit certificate, electronic contract, distributed energy transaction settlement, blockchain deposit certificate, and blockchain logistics traceability. . And with State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company, State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company, State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company, State Grid Henan Electric Power Company, State Grid Yubei Power Co., Ltd., Macao University of Science and Technology, Fujian Haocaitou Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City Chain Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated to test the application of blockchain technology in data deposit, energy trading, food traceability, supply chain finance and other fields.

On August 14 this year, Yuanguang Software announced that it has won the bid for the blockchain project of State Grid Shandong Heze Power Supply Company and State Grid Shandong Zaozhuang Power Supply Company.

It can be seen from the above information that State Grid and its subsidiaries are the core customers of Yuanguang Software's blockchain business.

State Grid and Yuanguang Software are closely related. Among the top ten shareholders of Yuanguang Software, there are two companies under the State Grid, namely State Grid Fujian Power Co., Ltd. and State Grid Jilin Power Co., Ltd.; and a national grid downstream company, affiliated to Guodian Power Development Co., Ltd. of Guodian Group.

(Source: Yuanguang Software 2018 Financial Report)

These shareholder backgrounds provide Yuanguang Software with the convenience that other blockchain companies can't match. The company's blockchain revenue can grow rapidly and even make money atypical.

Although it is an isolated case, on the other hand, the blockchain business that does not issue currency has commercial value, which is a landmark event.

Last year, Yijian shares announced that blockchain business revenue of 260 million yuan, and 99% of ultra-high gross profit margin, but the chain pulse survey found that this is a left-handed right-handed game. Easy View shares the interest income generated by supply chain finance into the blockchain business. See: Blockchain revenue is 260 million or 666,000 – easy to see the stock blockchain fog

From the information disclosed by Yuanguang Software, the company has indeed won a series of blockchain business orders, becoming a blockchain company can be profitable.

However, it is worth noting that the company's main customer of the high-end software blockchain business, the State Grid, has also established a special blockchain company. On August 22, State Grid E-Commerce Co., Ltd. announced that State Grid Blockchain Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was formally inaugurated. It is hard to say that this is a blessing to the high-light software.

A flower alone is not spring

The performance of Yuanguang Software has brought some warmth to the blockchain industry. In the same period, other blockchain companies are still in the cold winter.

Mutual chain pulse surveyed several pure blockchain companies that disclosed semi-annual reports, and no one has made a profit. Taiyiyun suffered a loss of more than 5.2 million yuan in the first half of the year and a loss of 3.16 million yuan in the first half of the year.

(Tableting: Mutual Chain Pulse Source: Listed Company Financial Report)

The income of the chain technology has not been reflected in the new financial report of Zhejiang University.

The situation observed by the interchain pulse is that in the chain, the investment in the blockchain has been substantially reduced. For example, the number of patent applications has been 8 months in 2019, and two-thirds of the year has passed, but the number of patent applications in blockchain is 1,826, which is only 31.6% of last year's total, less than one-third.

(tabulation: interchain pulse data source: innojoy)

The number of blockchain companies has also cooled down. Mutual chain pulse According to the statistics of the company, as of August 30, the number of companies with “blockchain” in the company name and business was only 45% of last year.

(tabulation: interchain pulse data source: check)

In the Tarim Basin in southern Xinjiang, China entered the spring in March, which is almost the same as that in the south of the Yangtze River. In the same latitudes of northern Shaanxi, Ningxia, and north-central North China, the climate is still winter. The Tarim Basin took the lead in taking care of the mountains and rivers in the spring, just as Yuanguang Software was taken care of by shareholders.

But the Tarim Basin can enter the spring, indicating that spring will come. On August 26, 51 state-owned enterprises such as China National New China United Nuclear Corporation, Aerospace Science and Technology, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Southern Airlines and China Minmetals jointly issued the “Investment Pass”. This move means that central enterprises have accepted the blockchain on a large scale.

Will spring be far behind?

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