The investment "block dog" just collapsed in two days and collapsed 400 people and lost more than 3 million yuan.

Fujian 120,000, Guangxi 100,000, Sichuan 85,000, Jiangxi 60,000, Liaoning 38,000 … In a rights group close to 400 people, group members use the workplace and "buy dog" loss of funds as a nickname, the group call Everyone "stops losses in a timely manner and defends the rights."

Recently, the blockchain has developed a pet game called “Hua Deng Block Dog”, which is called “Ponzi scheme” by many netizens. Yu Tian invested 150,000 yuan to make money on the platform to raise dogs, but since August 2, the dog he bought has never been sold. Soon, the topic of #华登区块狗# appeared on the microblogging hot search list, and Yu Tian found that like him, there are many users who invest money to raise dogs. "I voted 230,000, ready to jump off the building." "It just collapsed after two days of play, and the mentality burst." "The person who borrowed the money shook at this moment." In the comment area, the users who are covered by the money hold the group to warm up and build a group to defend their rights.

In fact, before the "Hua Deng block dog", block cats, bit pigs, lucky zodiac and other blockchains developed pet games have similar situations. In early August, some media referred to these projects as “new concept scams”. Subsequently, the “Bit Pig” platform was investigated by the police. At present, Yu Tian and many users have also reported police to the “Hua Deng Block Dog” fraud. Chengdu Business Daily – Red Star News reporter tried to contact the platform side through customer service and mail, but did not receive a reply before the press release.

Crazy dog

Set 9 alarm clocks, many colleagues in the company play together

Yu Tian is a new man in Jiangxi. In June of this year, his parents knew the "Hua Deng block dog" from friends, so he asked his son Yu Tian to download the app and register the account. Yu Tiangang was very reluctant at first, but he was very happy to watch his parents play and he joined. On July 9th, the account was successfully registered. He first tried to buy a few hundred puppies, and then the recommended person pulled into a dog group.

Yu Tian said that every day, people in the group send pictures of dogs. Every time someone grabs a dog, everyone applauds and congratulates them. "Like crazy." Slowly, the first dog traded out, and Yutian made some money. He began to invest more time and money to "grab the dog," "dog," and "sell the dog."

On the "Hua Deng Block Dog" APP platform, there are 5 varieties of pet dogs in the block, the price is between 100-15000 yuan. After the user registers and activates the account, the deposit is paid after the appointment and matching is successful. Dogs, wait until the specified time to trade, and get the corresponding income.

In addition, users can also gain revenue through the line drop-down: direct share sharing reward 8%, level 3%; recommended 15 people, personal promotion rewards up to 3,000 yuan, can be upgraded to promotion ambassadors, get higher rewards.

Lin Meihui from Chengdu, Sichuan, was “into the pit” for a month. At that time, the colleague introduced her to the download and registration link and introduction of the app. She acted as required and became a "dog grab" player. In a group of "grab the dog rich" where Lin Meihui is located, more than 350 members are mostly introduced to each other through friends and pulled into the group. Lin Meihui later introduced the product to friends and colleagues and won more than 3,000 yuan.

Lin Meihui said that it is more difficult to grab the dog. 14:00, 15:00, 16:30, 17:00, 17.30, 19:30, 20:00, 20:30, 21:00 is the dog-dog time set by the platform. In order to catch the dog on time, Lin Meihui and many users will set an alarm clock in the first two minutes of these 9 time points to ensure that they log in to catch the dog in time. Lin Meihui remembers that for a while, many of their colleagues in the company were playing. At the time of the day, everyone’s alarm clock rang.

Lin Meihui made a detailed list of her trading of dogs: June 20, cost 11,913 yuan, adoption for 20 days, income of 4765.2 yuan; June 24, cost of 1,666 yuan, adoption for 12 days, income of 349.85 yuan; July On the 8th, the cost was 2050 yuan, and the adoption was 12 days, benefiting 430.5 yuan… until then, on July 16, July 24, July 29, and other time, the dogs adopted, because the platform was suspended, Still not sold yet.

Suspend trading

Nearly 400 people defended the rights group, claiming a loss of more than 3 million yuan

Lin Meihui remembers that the suspension of trading on the platform came very suddenly. At 5 pm on August 2, she just adopted a dog of more than 8,000 yuan, and the platform released an announcement. According to the announcement, the recent violent incident in Hong Kong has caused the customer service work to be carried out normally. The APP will suspend all activities until it is reopened on August 16. Lin Meihui was a little panicked. She checked her adoption record and found that there were still more than 40,000 yuan of dogs not traded.

In fact, most of the users of the "Hua Deng Block Dog" were in the afternoon. Because previously, block cats, bit pigs, lucky zodiac and other blockchain-developing pet games have also issued similar announcements. The lucky zodiac had a notice on August 6 that it would stop operating for 15 days due to hacking and never returned.

Shortly after the announcement, the topic of #华登区块狗# appeared on the microblogging hot search list. "I voted 230,000, ready to jump off the building." "It just collapsed after playing for 2 days, and the mentality burst." "The person who borrowed the money shook at this moment." In the comment area, the users who are covered by the money hold the group to warm up and build a group to defend their rights.

From August 2nd, the dog-raising group where Yu Tian and Lin Meihui are located is discussing whether the platform will return "miracle" every day. There seems to be a glimmer of hope in everyone's mind. According to Yu Tian, ​​on August 16, the platform returned, but the way of trading changed. The former dog not only had no income, but still could not trade. Later, the platform frequently issued new regulations, and even released information that the “Hua Deng Block Dog” was wholly-owned by Gogame. The company has set up a special project team responsible for the business. The project name is “Let's go” and the Chinese name is “徕dog".

Later, Yu Tian and some users found that the IP address of “Hua Deng Block Dog” was in Shenzhen through Shenzhen. Hong Kong did have Walden Group and Qualcomm Group, but there was no Walden Qualcomm Group. In addition, the Huadeng Block Dog did not. Official APP, official website, users can only contact the platform through the customer service and email on the game app. The reporter tried to contact the platform through customer service and mail, but did not receive a reply before the press release.

On August 28th, gogame's official website released a statement on "fake news about the cooperation with the 'Walden block dog'". The statement said that all reports about gogame's "cooperation with the Walden Block Dog" are by no means true and are fraudulent. Gogame did not acquire the above companies, nor did it cooperate with the above companies to develop a game called "Let's go" or "Skull Dog".

Seeing gogame's statement, Yu Tian and many users completely died. They changed the name of the rights group to "timely stop loss, rights protection alarm", and discuss how to return the loss money every day. At present, there are nearly 400 people in the group. They use their workplaces and loss funds as nicknames and urge each other to call the police. According to Yu Tian, ​​all the users in the group have lost at least 3 million yuan. At present, many users have already reported the local police.

Expert statement

Virtual pets boom

Most of the products attract users with the guise of blockchain technology.

Liu Yang, Dean of the China Blockchain and Industrial Finance Research Institute, paid attention to the blockchain-developing pet game in 2018. According to him, according to the ranking of foreign DappRader websites, 3 of the top ten blockchain applications (DAPP) in the world are games, accounting for 30%. The game is considered to be the highlight of the blockchain industrialization application. Many game makers and blockchain startups have stepped into the blockchain game market and set off a “virtual pets boom”. “In an instant, all the blockchain games that raise cats, raise rabbits, raise turtles, and raise frogs are all out. Even the problem of 'blockchain-developing pet games’ at the peak is not operation, but animals are not enough. "" Liu Yang said.

In Liu Yang’s view, in essence, blockchain pet games are just a type of electronic pet-developing game. Players need to purchase virtual pets using digital asset trading. These pets are actually written by different “codes”, and various types of virtual pets are also Therefore, it is given a certain virtual property value. Liu Yang believes that the reasons for these platforms frequently closing, pushing, crashing, and running may be to ignore the simplest rules of online games. "The starting point of traditional gamers is entertainment, and the starting point of such gamers is to make money."

Liu Yang believes that this type of blockchain has three big problems in developing pet games:

The first is to promote the similarity of Shantou. Game makers emphasize that under the blockchain technology, the platform guarantees that each pet is unique in the world, cannot be copied, and cannot be destroyed. It simply highlights uniqueness, scarcity, collectability and investment value, and is crazy on social media. Advertising, earning eyeballs.

Second, the gameplay is similar. Blockchain-developing pet games basically form a blockchain pet + social + mining + trading platform, covering the standard process of block pet breeding, financial transactions, online malls, celebrity public welfare, etc. Simply say: purchase The platform encrypts the digital currency, then buys a certain pet, raises it for a period of time, superimposes the consumption, social, and delivery functions in the middle process, and then sells it at a higher price.

Third, the game developer's profit model is single. When the player trades on the platform, the game developer will draw the corresponding transaction fee. When the game is hot, the game developers earn a lot of money, but they don't have to polish the game's entertainment experience. Once the follow-up participants are stagnant, the original players will stop the corresponding game operations and transactions, and the game developers will soon fall into the trap. Dilemma.

Gu Yanxi, dean of CBX Research Institute, early researcher of blockchain technology and application, believes that most of these blockchain pet games are attracted by users with blockchain technology. In essence, blockchain technology is not. How big is the relationship. "Their collapse is determined by the nature and rules of the platform and has nothing to do with blockchain technology."

Gu Yanxi admits that blockchain technology is still in the early stage, and the general public should not be involved. If you want to invest in certain blockchain products, you need to be careful to get involved. It is best to consult relevant experts first.

Original title: Investment "block dog" "just collapsed after two days of playing"

Source: Chengdu Business Daily , Chengdu Business Daily – Red Star News reporter Pan Junwen