The data shows that the domestic exchanges have reached a new high in contract positions, and foreign exchanges are not moving.

According to the contract Emperor App, as of this morning, in the large-value transaction report of the futures contract, the OKEx Exchange BTC quarterly transaction volume was about 540,000, and the large amount of empty orders was 460,000, totaling about 100 million US dollars; The exchange BTC sold a large amount of 19,000 large orders and 51,000 large blank orders, with a total turnover of about 7 million US dollars; BitMEX exchanges had more than 6.57 million permanent contracts and 11.44 million empty orders, with a total turnover of about 1801. Ten thousand dollars. The analysis believes that BTC began to pull up with gold in early trading on Monday, but the range was not high, and there was no expected long-running scene. At present, the quarterly positions of the Fire Exchange have reached a record high of 3.83 million, and OKEx's quarterly positions have reached 6.45 million. Only the position of the BitMEX exchange has not changed much, and it remains at around 874 million (BitMEX100 = OKEx1) = 1 fire coin). The current market still does not have the conditions for skyrocketing.