BCH network encountered a lot of transactions or pressure test for China, BTC.com dug out the largest block up to 11.4 MB

There were reports in the early hours of the morning that the BCH network suffered a lot of transactions. According to a post by Reddit user "u/selectxxyba", the BCH network encountered a large number of transactions or tested the BCH for China. The netizen pointed out that in the stress test of the BCH network in China, BTC.com has mined the largest block 598,412, containing 59,052 transactions, with a block size of up to 11.4 MB. The stress test also proved that Bitcoin.com could not even properly configure their miners. It is reported that this stress test starts from block 598314 and the data display has ended at block 598423. The results show that most nodes are limited to 1 MB or 2 MB, and because they are not properly configured, many blocks of 1029 kb and 1999 kb are generated. This is because short-term temporary profits make miners only want to get block rewards instead of transaction fees.