Analysis: Three Chinese citizens accused by the US Treasury Department recently involved more than 160 million US dollars

Recently, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Treasury Department published the identity information of three Chinese citizens and their cryptocurrency addresses, and accused them of violating foreign drug trafficking regulations. LongHash analyzed OFAC's published bitcoin addresses and found that three of these addresses were exchange addresses. In addition, the address published by OFAC has an address directly related to the Silk Road market. There is a transaction from the Silk Road to 300 BTC to the beginning of 1JREJd. LongHash drilled the bitcoin addresses and found an address pool containing 3,054 addresses. The address pool is held by this group of drug dealers. There are only 16 addresses with a balance, and the total balance is 57.23 BTC. However, it is worth noting that these addresses have had a lot of large transactions, and the total amount transferred to this address pool is as high as 17526 BTC. If the current bitcoin price is calculated, the amount of the drug dealers may exceed $160 million. In addition, the address in the address pool has the transaction record as early as June 2013, and the transaction from August to December 2017 is the most active. After November 2018, there is basically no re-transaction.