Encryption Fund ASP Founder: The new generation of public chains faces more serious challenges than earlier Bitcoin and is more vulnerable to attack

Arianna Simpson, founder and head of operations for the Encrypted Asset Investment Fund, posted a tweet. He stated that "a series of underlying public links that are coming online will face more serious challenges than earlier Bitcoins." Specifically, these high-profile public-chain projects face more complex conditions than when Bitcoin and Ethereum were launched that year. These high-volume public-chain projects have been highly anticipated since they were born, and they have been able to invest billions of dollars (which is still rising), which will also lead to more economically motivated attacks. Blockchain technology is becoming more and more complex, system vulnerabilities and attack surfaces are getting bigger and bigger, and bugs are more likely to occur, and attackers are more economically motivated to make malicious attacks. At the same time, today's blockchain project is on the shoulders of giants, benefiting from the technical experience of early blockchain projects, developers also have higher expectations.