Media: The blockchain game "Hua Deng Block Dog" is suspected of running, and the rights defending users have reached 400 people.

Blockchain develops pet games – "Hua Deng Block Dog" is called "Ponzi scheme" by many netizens. It is understood that many users have been set aside money, and there are 400 people in the rights group. More than 3 million yuan. Since August, the platform has frequently revealed signs of “running the road”. It has also released information that “Walden Block Dog” was acquired by Gogame Company. The company has set up a special project team responsible for the business. The project name is “Let's go”. ", Chinese name "徕 dog". On August 28th, gogame's official website released a statement on "fake news about the cooperation with the 'Walden block dog'". The statement said that all reports about gogame's "cooperation with the Walden Block Dog" are by no means true and are fraudulent. Gogame did not acquire the above companies, nor did it cooperate with the above companies to develop a game called "Let's go" or "Skull Dog". Investors have come to the end and have begun to defend their rights.