DEX Weekly: The total transaction volume of the Ethereum DEX project in the past week totaled $35 million

According to DEX special page data: As of now, 17 DEX projects based on the Ethereum network have recorded a total of 203,791 ETHs in the last week, totaling 35,007,580 US dollars. Overall, the most popular DEX projects in the past week were: IDEX (7,202), Tokenlon (4,649), Uniswap (3,023), Kyber (2,479), and ForkDelta (2,353). According to the user transaction amount, the largest DEX items are: Eth2dai (58,114ETH), Kyber (32,164ETH), Uniswap (31,396ETH), IDEX (25,302ETH), Tokenlon (20,532ETH). In recent times, Tokenlon's active user volume and transaction volume have performed more brilliantly, ranking the top in the Ethereum DEX project ranking for two consecutive weeks.