Data show: the number of bitcoin outflow exchanges surged in-store purchasing power

According to the contract Emperor App data, as of 18:00 today, BTC inflows to the exchange of 10,183, an increase of 45.22% compared with yesterday; BTC out of the exchange of 29,782, an increase of 193.47%. Among them, 1,484 large inflows, an increase of 54.7% from the previous year, and a large outflow of 18,075, an increase of 919.3%. The contract emperor settled in the real estate analyst Tianqi Capital – Flora analysis believes that BTC's recent continuous adjustment of the entire month, may be nearing completion. The current situation is that the bottom side of the disk oscillate, patiently waiting for the bottom of the divergence or the breakthrough of the price increase, can open a new upward trend.