Analysis: The long-term bull market has started, bitcoin prices may rise to 6 digits in 2-3 years

According to Today's Gazette, the founder of the integrated encryption trading platform Bitcoin Trade Group said that the price behavior and sentiment of Bitcoin in the current market indicates that we have started a long-term bull market. If it continues, the price of Bitcoin may be It reaches 6 digits in 2-3 years. He said on Twitter that the current prejudging sentiment that bitcoin prices will fall to $7,000 is similar to the forecast of bitcoin prices at the beginning of the year or when it falls to $1,000. People now treat $9,000 as last year's $6,000, predicting that Bitcoin will plummet like last year. But in his view, Bitcoin's long-term bull market is opening. In the medium term, people have already experienced a small bull market ($4,000-14,000) and are now in a small bear market ($14,000-9000).