The Ethereum killer was born? What is Telegram's TON blockchain?

More than a month after the official release of the Telegram TON blockchain, Telegram's first cryptocurrency project will be one of the biggest threats to Ethereum to date.


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In recent years, many potential assassins have lined up to kill Ethereum, the world's largest smart contract zone platform, but none of them succeeded.

However, with Ethereum compatibility already advanced testing on TON, will Telegram's more than 300 million user groups be more attractive to blockchain developers?

Telegram is aiming at the cryptocurrency tweezer

The White Paper of the Telegram Open Network (TON) lost no time in declaring its intention to launch into Ethereum.

Cited in the white paper (emphasis added):

"Our goal is [TON] to carry all the reasonable applications that are currently proposed and envisioned. Some might think that TON is a huge distributed supercomputer, or rather a huge super server."

The white papers of thousands of blockchain projects have been so brazen in the past, especially those that are designed to host applications and run smart contracts. And TON's goal is to take care of both. Its upcoming Solidity compiler means that these applications and contracts will interoperate with Ethereum.

However, compatibility with Ethereum has become a common feature of many blockchain platforms in recent years, so what other platforms can Telegram provide?

According to the white paper, TON will be able to process millions of transactions per second. Its goal is to achieve this by using a "blockchain of blockchains".

The front is a masterchain, along with a series of workchains, the number of these chains will not exceed 4,294,967,296. These work chains are then divided into 1,152,921,504,606, 847,000 shardchains—all in order to provide the scalability needed to serve Telegram users.

Is TON the Ethereum killer we have been waiting for?

Many blockchains are trying to become "Ethereum killers." Will Telegram succeed?

Ethereum is already the best-developed blockchain project. The number of developers contributing to the Ethereum ecosystem is four times that of Bitcoin.

The important thing is not only the number of developers, but also why they are there. Ethereum may become a decentralized, unauthorised version of the Internet. Regardless of the size of the Telegram user, will the Ethereum developers really turn so eagerly to Telegram?

Ethereum plans to expand its own segmentation technology next year, and the battlefield pattern of Ethereum and Telegram will have to be redrawn.