China's 5G chain network industry summit 丨 Libra and the central bank digital currency sub-forum to see first

The China 5G Chain Network Industry Summit will be held on September 6-7, 2019 at the Ruisili Hotel in Nanjing Jiangbei New District Research and Development Park. The summit will bring together domestic and international Internet, communication, blockchain, science fiction, artificial intelligence, real economy, and other industries to deepen the integration of the same party. Among them, Libra and the central bank digital currency sub-forum are more interesting.

On June 18th, social media giant Facebook officially released its cryptocurrency Libra white paper, which triggered attention in many fields such as finance, technology and hot debate. Can Facebook really start the project? Can Libra break through the level of supervision? Libra What impact does it have on digital currency and traditional finance? What is the prospect of Libra and CBDC? In terms of technology implementation, why does Libra use the Rust language, and what are the characteristics of the MOVE language of its smart contract? What will Libra look like in the future for wallets and payment scenarios?

Does Libra need a Layer 2 network like the Lightning Network? Become a key topic of focus in various industries. Therefore, we invite economists at home and abroad to discuss the experts and scholars of digital currency encryption.

In Libra and the central bank digital currency sub-forum, you will hear the following guests: famous economist, former Fed researcher Hu Jie , independent monetary and financial researcher Long Baijun , blockchain famous security expert Guo Yu , Canada block Chain Foundation Chairman Violas North American Community Sponsor Qi Wenyan , Zhong Lun Law Firm Partner Fan Xiaojuan , well-known technology blogger, former Sina Weibo Architect Wang Yuanming , Bai Jian Technology Group Vice President Liu Jian , Hu Fu Co-founder / CMO Chen Xiaohai , co-founder and CEO of BitTribeLab , Liu Zhiguang , director of the blockchain innovation application laboratory of Tongji University, CTO Zou Jie of Beijing Bailink Foundation Technology Co., Ltd., Zhu Xi , vice chairman of the North American Blockchain Foundation, and professor of finance at SKEMA Business School, France Deng Qi . Ma Qiang , Safety Director of Zhongcheng Block Chain Research Institute, and CTO of Aershan Financial Technology.

The specific schedule is as follows:

2019.9.7 (Saturday) · Nanjing Ruisili Hotel

Moderator: Tang Jialing, editor of Babbitt

14:00-14:30 Dragon White: Libra analysis and the necessity of the Chinese central bank's legal digital currency 14:30-14:45 Guo Yu: Zero knowledge proof: a missing link in blockchain technology 14:45-15 :00 Hu Jie: Libra's impact analysis and response suggestions

Roundtable Discussion 1:15:50-15:30 Discussion on the related technology and application of Libra覃文延(Host) Guo Yu, Wang Yuanming, Chen Xiaohai, Ma Qiang, Liu Tao, Zou Jie

Roundtable Discussion 2:15:30-16:00 Libra and Future Monetary and Financial Systems and Regulatory Compliance Long Baiyi, Hu Jie, Deng Qi, Fan Xiaojuan, Zhu Xi, Song Zhiguang, Shuo Shuo

Contact: Contact: Wang Chao Email: Tel: 13510131883 (same as WeChat)