Jiang Zall announced investment positions: 40% BCH, 30% BTC, 20% ETH and 10% innovative currency

According to the vernacular blockchain report, the leader of the Leipzig pool, Jiang Zhuoer, said in an interview recently that the short-term fluctuations in the currency price are unpredictable, but the long-term cycle is still predictable. Bitcoin is halved in four years. Long-term similar fluctuations. And the larger the total market value of Bitcoin, the smaller the volatility, so there is the feasibility of “calculating the bottom”. Escape the top mainly by observing market sentiment and calculating the bubble index. I commonly use three bubble indices: “user bubble index”, “increased bubble index”, and “mine machine foam index”. Currently my position is 4321: 40% BCH, 30% BTC, 20% ETH, 10% innovative currency. The severe congestion of the BTC will continue to inject attention and funds into the BCH as in the previous cycle, making BCH's price at the top of the bull market to BTC significantly higher than the current 3%.