Analyst: Among the altcoins on the line of BitMEX, TRX and XRP performed the worst this year, and LTC performed best.

According to EWN, cryptocurrency analyst BitDealer rumored that after a quick study of the ATC coins on the BTC and BitMEX, the worst performing altcoins were TRX and XRP, only the value of the two fell against the dollar. And continued to fall throughout the year. The best performer is LTC, which is the only one in addition to Bitcoin that earns more than 100%, except for BTC. In the past 5 days, there have been four types of altcoins that set a new low for the price of bitcoin. Despite the current concerns surrounding XRP, not all analysts believe that the recent XRP price trend is grim. Analyst WhaleAgent believes that the recent slowdown in XRP and strong support around $0.25 may mean that XRP will rise further in the near term.