5G Chain Network Industry Innovation Summit Message: How does the blockchain empower physical business?

From September 6th to 7th, China 5G Chain Network Industry Innovation Summit will be held in Nanjing. The summit was held by Nanjing Chain Network Mobile Science and Technology Research Institute. It invited well-known experts in mobile communication, blockchain, next-generation Internet, artificial intelligence and other fields, as well as corporate executives and guests to jointly look forward to the industrial integration of next-generation information technology.

As a practitioner of blockchain business, Yulink Technology was invited to the venue and independently responsible for a sub-forum, so that everyone can effectively understand, feel and experience the application of blockchain in practical business.

Highlights of Yulink Technology Sub-forum:

1. The establishment of a trusted business alliance

In traditional commerce, it is difficult to achieve trust between major business systems due to data islanding problems. Blockchains are called trusted machines, and many scenarios in real life can be solved using blockchain techniques. In this context, we are led by Mr. Yuan Dao to establish a trusted business alliance, aiming to use technology to empower entities to create a credible business community.

Based on the accumulation of one year and the advantages of its technology platform, Yulink Technology has accumulated a lot of experience in the field of trusted credits, and explored a complete set of solutions including integral alliance, cross-alliance and even flow mutual guidance.

This time, Yulink Technology will explain the first-hand alliance based on trusted points and the diversion solution at the conference, and announce the establishment of a trusted business alliance. First of all, the participation of Yuchain customers will expand to more point users such as enterprises and businesses, and realize new business models through new solutions.

In the future, the Alliance will build five platforms: industry integration development think tank platform, data service platform, traffic mutual guidance platform, talent training platform and innovation and entrepreneurship incubation platform.

2. Unveil the mystery of the trust chain of Yuchain

Of course, technology is the bottom layer of the business, and all trusted businesses are based on the Yuchain Trusted Cloud Platform developed by Yulink Technology. The Yuchain Trusted Cloud Platform is an enterprise-class Bass platform with high performance, easy access, multiple functions, rich interfaces, and customizable features.

Yuchain Trusted Cloud has implemented specific functions for specific business scenarios, such as WeChat payment with separate distribution, sub-merchant management across merchants and business districts, membership card opening, and generalization of donation records.

Of course, Yuchain Trusted Cloud will also officially unveil the mysterious veil of Yuchain Trusted Cloud. Currently in V1.0, it still needs constant iteration, but we have chosen a correct direction to continuously improve performance and increase functionality. In the future, it will certainly become a large-scale cloud service system.

As an enterprise-class cloud service product, Yulink Trusted Cloud has been open to all corporate users with an open, secure attitude.

3. Keynote speeches for trusted businesses

Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. At this meeting, Yulink Technology will solve the standard cases and solve the problem of how to build the real chain business.

The forum invited guests from the industry, such as charity, trusted points, consumer and other blockchain technology companies, to focus on the real pain points of the real industry, share the real experience of the blockchain empowering entity, and explore the block based on the block. A trusted business system of the chain.

4, meet big coffee

Yulink Technology special guest exchange session, participants can face-to-face, zero-distance communication with many big coffee, in-depth exchange project cooperation.

Among them: Yuandao : Vice Chairman of the National Energy Internet Industry and Technology Innovation Alliance, Executive Director of the China Internet Association, Director of the China Informationization 100-member Association, and Vice Chairman of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University; Wang Yuejun : Founder of Volunteer Exchange; The country’s thirteenth batch of “Thousand Talents” experts Shen Zhenshi, “Million Plan” review experts, one of the main sponsors of the China Cloud System Industry Innovation Strategy Alliance and the current Secretary-General; Xu Dabin : “Restart the World” Chinese Editor, The DAO Foundation Co-founder; Luo Wei : co-founder of Yuxing Technology, Shanghai 1000 people, 100 people in Hangzhou Jianggan District; Wang Mengchen : founding partner of Turbo Capital; Chen Bojun : co-founder of Yulink Technology.

Participants can directly communicate face-to-face with guests and discuss various topics related to business, technology and landing.

Finally, Yulink Technology also hopes that this China 5G chain network industry innovation summit and the establishment of the Trusted Business Alliance and the blockchain empowerment entity business forum will be a complete success, and participants can gain something.

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