OKEx Research: Global Economic Uncertainty Drives Volatility Index, May Create More Opportunities for Digital Asset Markets

OKEx Research released a report on Weibo today, which showed that the correlation between BTC price and Volatility Index (VIX) is close to the annual high. Global economic uncertainty pushes up VIX, which may create more opportunities for the digital asset market. It is recommended that investors refer to the correlation data of relevant financial indicators before making investment decisions. The report concludes that in the macro environment with extremely low interest rates and highly uncertain global sustainable development, the increase in market volatility is a more reasonable forecast. The analysis shows that VIX will be another reference indicator for BTC investors and traders to discover the trend of digital asset market. However, the relevance of BTC-VIX does not mean rushing to invest in BTC, but rather one of the signals that are increasingly mainstream in digital asset trading and investment.