OK Researcher Analysis: China Exchange's traffic ranks 5th in the world, the first in the US

OK Group senior researcher Kong Deyun recently released a report. After long-term tracking of the changes in digital currency flows in 185 countries and 53 exchanges, it was found that TOP20 countries accounted for 74.74% of the total global activity, and the remaining 165 countries shared 25.26%. China Exchange is ranked 5th in the world and the first in the US. The key conclusions of the report are as follows: 1. The United States, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Japan, Ukraine, Poland, Thailand, South Korea, Mexico, and Australia, etc., have high transactional but local strong regional exchanges. High; while the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Canada and other countries have strong trading demand, but lack of local exchanges, can be the focus of the exchange's overseas market; 2. South American countries represented by Venezuela and Argentina African countries represented by Sudan and Nigeria, although the transaction volume is not high, but their legal currency system is unstable and the inflation rate is high. Users tend to configure digital currency through over-the-counter trading to hedge the risk of legal currency, and have strong demand for use. It can be used as a reserve in the blue ocean market. 3. There are very few global exchanges from Japan and South Korea. In addition to the strong local exchanges, users show strong “closedness” characteristics. Therefore, the author believes that Japan and South Korea are not a good one. Overseas market expansion targets.