At the 5G Chain Network Industry Innovation Summit, consider the impact of super-smart rise on 5G, artificial intelligence and blockchain

“When human springs of artificial excitement and artificial intelligence come, panic and artificial intelligence surpass humans, a much larger and amazing super intelligence is quietly emerging. After 50 years, the Internet is evolving from a mesh model to a brain. Models, the wisdom of billions of human groups and tens of billions of machine intelligence through the Internet brain form an unprecedented super-intelligence of nature."

——Liu Feng

In the current era, “5G+AI+BC” is recognized as the next “super wind” for technological innovation.

As one of the hottest technology topics at the moment, artificial intelligence has also experienced many ups and downs. In the past 60 years, artificial intelligence has experienced many stages of development from “optimistic” to “pessimistic” and from climax to low tide. Since the fifth-generation computer program in Japan ended in 1992, the artificial neural network boom "reduced fever" in the early 1990s, and it has since entered the cold and long " winter of AI."

It wasn't until 2006 when Professor Jeffrey Sinton of the University of Toronto in Canada proposed a deep learning algorithm. Since 2014, artificial intelligence has been widely concerned by the scientific, business and media circles, and has been continuously integrated with the Internet, triggering a new generation of technological revolution and industrial transformation.

It is an accident or inevitable that the artificial intelligence technology that has been silent for nearly 20 years has re-emerged? The wave of history has come so fiercely. In addition to the words that are no longer unfamiliar to 5G and AI, is there still the next so-called "super-smart" that is quietly emerging behind it?

At present, there is a special voice that makes some predictions about the future of science and technology:

The Internet is evolving from a "mesh structure" to a "brain-like structure." The resulting Internet brain connects the intelligence of billions of humans with the machine intelligence of tens of billions of devices, creating a super-intelligence that nature has never seen before.

The voice of this sound is Liu Feng, a research expert in the field of cutting-edge technology trends. In his view, the Internet brain has decisively influenced the future of technology, and the Internet brain will continue to evolve in three directions: intellectual ability, number of connections, and coverage, becoming a smart universe where IQ reaches infinity (IQ Wisdom Universe = ∞) Or the cosmic brain.

Liu Feng once said: "Looking at the clearer and more ambitious Internet brain architecture ahead, we are amazed at the power of nature's 'invisible hand'."

For more than 50 years, humans have promoted innovation in the Internet field from different directions. There is no unified plan to structure the Internet. But one day, when humans looked up to see their works, they found that the work was highly similar to their own brain. And it is a very peculiar phenomenon to connect the intelligence of billions of human groups and the machine intelligence of tens of billions of devices to form a growing super-agent.

This magnificent "human work" is the "Internet brain." So what is the "Internet brain"? In the new century, the Internet has broken through the mesh structure. There are increasing signs that the Internet is evolving in a direction that is highly similar to the human brain.

If the Internet brain model is described in words, then its definition is this: the Internet brain is a brain-like giant system architecture formed by the Internet in the process of evolving in a direction highly similar to the human brain. The Internet brain has a constantly mature brain-like vision, hearing, sensation, movement, memory, central and autonomic nervous system. The Internet brain uses social brain-like neural networks (large social networks) to integrate social elements (including but not limited to people, AI systems, production materials, production tools) and natural elements (including but not limited to rivers, mountains, animals, plants, Space is connected to realize the interaction between people, people and things, things and things. The Internet brain is driven by cloud group intelligence and cloud machine intelligence to realize cognition, judgment, decision and feedback to the world through cloud reflection arc. And renovation.

Based on the structure of the human brain, Liu Feng describes the future architecture of the Internet in the book "The Super Intelligence of Rise." The book also clarifies and analyzes the development and relevance of the frontier field of science and technology and the Internet brain, and summarizes and contributes 10 rules for enterprises and individuals in the current 21st century technology wave, showing how the Internet brain Affect the fate of technology companies. The "invisible hand" is like a ghost in the development of human society.

In Adam Smith's "The Wealth of Nations", the invisible hand promoted the development of the economy; in Darwin's theory of evolution, the invisible hand promoted the natural selection of the creature; in the eyes of Liu Feng, the formation of the Internet brain The process also has such an "invisible hand" that quietly leads the evolution and development of cutting-edge technology in the 21st century. Therefore, learning to understand the risks and opportunities of industry, technology and human future is the key to coping with the emerging era of super intelligence.

On September 7th, 2019, Nanjing 5G Chain Network (Global) Industry Innovation Summit held the "Rise of Super Intelligence" Reading Conference, invited the author of "Rising Super Intelligence", Liu Feng , Distinguished Research Fellow, Center for Virtual Economics and Data Science, Academy of Sciences, Southeast University Lu Naiji , director of the Center for Science and Technology and Research, famous researcher of science and technology philosophy, director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Society of Nanjing University, and professor of the philosophy department, Professor Pan Tianqun , etc., together with the super-smart rise represented by the Internet brain, 5G, artificial intelligence And the promotion of blockchain, the frontier science and technology and the impact of the field of philosophy to conduct an in-depth discussion.

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