China's first 5G+ blockchain folk technology open source community and 5G chain network engineering task force will be officially launched

The high-profile China 5G Chain Network Industry Innovation Summit will be held on September 6-7, 2019 at the Ruisili Hotel in Nanjing Jiangbei New District Research and Development Park. The summit was jointly sponsored by Mr. Yuan Dao, Chairman of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance, and Mr. Liu Dong, Director of the Next Generation Internet National Engineering Center, and organized around the “IEEE 5G+Blockchain Initiative” global initiative and 5G chain network node city deployment. The launch ceremony and other specific developments.

5G chain network will be the first in the world to propose a new 5G network information space framework with blockchain as the underlying protocol, encouraging users to participate in network relay nodes, accounting consensus nodes, edge computing, and sharing, and promote point-to-point value exchange. The new generation of Internet platform economy. The 5G chain network includes blockchain system functions, which can seamlessly interface with the central bank digital currency (CBDC) system and become a new generation of financial infrastructure. The 5G chain network includes edge cloud functions, which can support large-capacity storage and computing, and become a new generation. The infrastructure of Internet applications; 5G chain network has the high speed, low latency, large connection and evolvable capability of 5G network to meet the needs of industrial applications. The 5G chain network is an organic combination of the Internet and the value network. Financial applications and other applications are built on the same open infrastructure, which is more integrated and more innovative.

In this summit, the 5G Chain Engineering Task Force (5GCyber ​​Engineering Task Force), jointly initiated by Dr. Tang Xiongyan, the chief scientist of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, and other well-known experts in the ICT field will be officially launched. In the future, it will be responsible for promoting the related technologies of 5G chain network. Standard R&D and development. The 5G chain network engineering task force will fully learn from the mechanism and spirit of the IETF (International Internet Engineering Task Force), and take the construction of the Nanjing 5G Chain Network Test Bureau as the experimental field, based on the Rough Consensus and Running Code. The bottom-up working group is the core, and the designers, developers, operators, investors, researchers and interested parties interested in the 5G chain network are widely used to build a shared RFC. Others work together to build an open, international technology research community.

On September 6th, from 15:00 to 17:00, the 5G Chain Network Engineering Task Force will hold the first open meeting at the 5th floor multi-function hall of Nanjing Ruisli Hotel to discuss the 5G chain network project task group planning, including the overall goal, mainly Work, organizational structure, and recent work. In the same period, China's first 5G+ blockchain folk technology open source community will also be officially launched at the meeting, the ultimate goal is to enhance China's role and status in the international open source community.

The 5G chain network is a new breed of imagination and disruptive originality. The goal is to create a new network space (New Cyberspace beyond Internet). Based on Facebook's global open source 5G project (TIP Project) foundation, this time through the important historical moments of the 5G chain (global) summit, the 5G chain network engineering task force and the 5G+ blockchain folk technology open source community are looking forward to Your joining, injecting your blood, together lead the future of 5G chain net!

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