Sina launched a new social app "Oasis", collecting "Digital Assets + Fan Economy" Wang Bian

Today, the Babbit reporter was informed that Sina intends to launch a social application app called “Oasis”, which is currently in the beta stage and can only be accessed through the invitation code. The positioning of this product is "Young People's Lifestyle Social Platform", produced by the Sina Weibo team. According to internal staff, Sina is "looking for the growth point of the next decade."


The author experienced the app for the first time. From the perspective of the function area, it is divided into five entries: “Home”, “Search”, “Publish”, “Message” and “My”, which are similar to the structure of Weibo. . In the homepage section, the dynamics of your attention will appear here; the search section will be subdivided into categories such as “wearing, food, travel, sports, cute pets, stars”; and the obvious difference with Weibo is reflected in the short Video and graphic emphasis. Judging from the style control of the current content library, there is quite a Chinese version of Instagram.

Of course, as a blockchain media, let's talk about the places that people are most interested in. When you drop the "My" section page, you can see an icon that looks like a drop of water. After entering, it is a page that is a bit like an ant forest, and the variety grown here is fleshy. The way to grow it is to produce and collect "water droplets". 34311567436626_.pic_hd

"Water Drop" is a digital asset in the Oasis Social Network. It is a reward for users to contribute value to the Oasis. It is based on the decentralized model to generate storage, which can be used to redeem benefits, reward content, vote for a list, etc. Water droplets are produced every 4 hours, and are not collected within 3 days, and the water droplets will evaporate. Moreover, the official specifically stated: "The total amount of water droplets is limited, the higher the active value, the more water droplets are collected."


Among the features that are open in succession, include:

1. Multi-meat exchange: a variety of interesting and fleshy flesh, can be exchanged with water drops; 2. Water Drop Mall: a variety of fun and practical "fun", use water droplets for welfare; 3. Member privileges: water drop for members , to receive a variety of membership rights; 4. Official repurchase: Oasis officially will repurchase water droplets from time to time for ecological construction; 5. Content reward: use water droplets to give a favorite to your favorite bloggers; 6. Vote for the list : Vote with water drops, help the TA on the list; 7. More scenes: more water drop application scenarios, so stay tuned;


After a brief introduction, let's focus on the first thing. First, the total amount of "water droplets" is limited. It is a digital asset generated and stored in the "decentralized model." Although the expression is euphemistic, it is clear that water droplets are not traditional points, but more likely to be assets based on blockchain technology. Next, in Article 2-3, the mall and the member will let the water droplets produce an anchored relative price. Article 1, in turn, allows the transfer of the asset between users. What's more interesting is that Article 4 "Official will be repurchased from time to time and used for ecological construction." Sina will not use water droplets to redeem its own products. If the water droplets cannot be exchanged for legal currency, or if it is linked to an ecosystem other than Sina, I It is hard to imagine how it will be ecologically constructed.

As a girl in the rice circle, I think the most powerful thing here is that Articles 6 and 7 vote with water droplets, hit the list and reward, which is a naked fan economy! At present, the best application for the Chinese fan economy must be Weibo. Do the old aunts still remember to send Jay Chou the super day and night? However, although Weibo has cultivated a fan economy, it has not directly benefited from fans. It can only be used by advertisers. This model is still a traffic business. In fact, it is a sesame that has lost watermelon.

Facebook, a foreign social product, earned enough eyeballs with libra, and the domestic social product Weibo was not far behind, and quickly launched an oasis. Although the "Oasis" is not the first suspected blockchain application launched by Internet companies, at present, regardless of content, form, or profit model, it is a natural continuation of Sina Weibo, which makes the product survival rate extremely high. But natural and microblogging have created a traffic competition. And there are two magic weapons blessings in the active community of “fan economy and digital assets”. I think the oasis is very promising and worth looking forward to.