Entrepreneurship + | "Tongzheng + brand equity", how does the mainland China bring new traffic to the catering industry?

Everything comes from chaos because of desire, thinking, and exploration. When the digital age comes, the real world maps to the digital world, everything will be conserved.

Open the brochure of the "Food Continental EAT" project, printed on the reverse page of the cover is the short poem above.

Continental EAT is a technology project that issues block-based technology for Tokens for physical catering companies.

For the entity catering enterprise, the certificate is the brand equity of the enterprise; for the consumer, the certificate is more like the beauty group red envelope with price fluctuations. As the pass is circulated among the mainland EAT, enterprises and consumers, the increase in prices will increase the flow of customers for catering companies and increase the value of the brand, while consumers can also benefit from it.

Therefore, the owner of the food Continental EAT, Hong Qigong (pen name), positioned the project as “ Nasdaq for the catering industry ”.

As one of the pass-through projects, how does the EAT EAT cut into the field of catering brand assets? What role does the certificate play in it? How did Hong Qigong understand the certificate?

This issue of "Babbit Entrepreneurship +" will introduce Hong Qigong and the food EAT he created.

WeChat picture_20190902201845

The mainland EAT headquarters is located in Beijing, the Hangzhou branch was established in early June 2019, the office area is small, more than 20 employees sit in an open office area, plus a conference room and a CEO office. It is the standard for startups. On the wall near the window, draw a route plan for the mainland EAT from March 2018 to December 2022.

The interview between Babbitt reporter and Hong Qigong was about an afternoon in late August . Before the official interview, he just talked with a local catering company in Hangzhou.

WechatIMG18 The picture shows the corner of the Hangzhou branch of the mainland.


Hongqigong's entrepreneurship has three characteristics: it has always been deeply cultivated in the catering industry, dare to explore the blue ocean market, and solve the pain points of the industry with new technologies.

In his own words, "I will never do a sneak peek at the project of robbing customers, only to be the first mover, to find only what the industry lacks and no one is doing. We have found the knowledge service for takeaway operations. No one did this, so I did the first media in the take-away industry – takeaway headlines. We also set up the first training institution – Hongqigong University, and wrote the first book – "Delivery is not difficult do"."

The entrepreneurship of the mainland EAT is derived from his basic understanding: when the Internet is popular, each company has its own official website; when WeChat is popular, each company has its own WeChat public number; Each merchant has its own beauty group store. Then, when the blockchain/passenger economy is popular, each merchant will have its own pass (also known as “coin”).

In the first four months of the business, the mainland EAT got the first angel investment and released the first white paper. However, "At that time, my idea was that I sent a coin and traded my coin, but there was an unresolved question, that is, why did the merchant use my coin?" This problem plagued Hong Qigong until he I saw the currency change.

On July 5, 2018, the FCoin Exchange announced the launch of the “Currency Reform” pilot zone. Internet and traditional enterprises can restructure their business according to the model of the pass-through economy through currency reform.

The emergence of the currency change made Hong Qigong suddenly open. He believes that the mainland EAT should be used as a platform to help merchants issue their own coins, so that the merchant's currency serves the merchants, rather than forcing merchants to use the mainland EAT coins.

After clear positioning, eating Continental EAT has accelerated the progress of R&D and business development. From July 2018 to May 2019, the products such as the food wallet, the mining small program “eaten the captain” and the food exchange (referred to as “the food exchange”) were successively launched, and the “Kung Fu Pancake” in Jining and Zhengzhou’s The pilot test of the amaranth youth and the Xiaolongkan hot pot in Hangzhou has achieved good response.

In Hong Qigong's view, instead of staring at the “discount space” of the catering industry with only 5% average net profit, it is better to use the pass to encourage the “brand asset” blue ocean .

"I haven't seen the second project to do this yet, but you can rest assured that someone must copy me within three months, often doing the first, and I have been copied."

Born in 1983, he is a native of Henan, a strong man, with a northeast accent in his speech, and a humorous side in his character . Every time he talks about the smoothness, he will laugh and exaggerate. This interview is more like a heroic hero in a martial arts novel. Sitting in a pub, "two pounds of mutton, a jug of wine", talk about the anecdotes of the rivers and lakes.


In the business world, user loyalty to the brand is a valuable asset for the company. Brand equity is an asset that can enhance the value of a product or service for a company or a customer, and is one of the most important intangible assets of a business.

The Babbitt reporter asked Hong Qigong. If a restaurant company goes bankrupt, after the brand dies, will the price of the certificate be zero?

He said that he is not worried about the closure of catering companies, because any brand will experience the life cycle of birth, growth, maturity and decline , which averages about 3-5 years. The mainland EAT will choose those catering brands that are in the growth stage. “When the catering enterprise enters the recession period, it will eat the mainland EAT as a platform, and inform relevant consumers to relevant information in a timely manner, so that consumers can make their own decisions. Will interact with consumers in the community."

At present, the ecosystem of eating EAT in the mainland includes the food chain (funding), the food wallet, the food exchange (food exchange), the food squad leader mining program, the food token research institute and the cooperative business. The cooperative merchants include nearly 40 food and beverage brands such as Zhengxin, Jizhi Union, Lucai Salad, One Piece, Leek Youth, Xiaolongkan, Monster Fried Rice.

WeChat screenshot_20190902223016

The picture shows the economic model of the mainland China, where CHI represents the Token (a stable currency with a 1:1 anchor)

The food exchange has its own platform certificate – EAT, the business's certificate is collectively referred to as BT (Brand Token, brand pass). Consumers have access to BT in two ways, one is to make offline consumption first, then the merchant gives away by discount; the other is to purchase coupons through the “eaten captain” mining program.

Consumers can freely trade and distribute certificates at the food exchange. Therefore, for consumers, BT is like a US group red envelope with price changes, and it is like a convertible point , but it is not the same thing in essence. Hong Qigong said,

"Consumers hold the benefits of BT, one can carry out short-term arbitrage or wait for long-term appreciation; the second is to wait for the platform or merchant to repurchase, you can profit from it; the third is to get the exchange right, the fourth is the stage of the business Introduce a voucher for redemption."

In order to solve the problem of the wool party , the mainland EAT joint merchants, cut off all free access to BT, such as invitation registration, download, etc., that is, consumers can only obtain BT before real consumption.

In order to solve the problem of speculation, the mainland EAT does not have a mechanism for designing a currency exchange. If consumers want to convert BT into French currency, they must first convert BT to EAT and USDT on the food exchange, and then exchange USDT on other exchanges. Legal currency.


In the interview, Hong Qigong told an interview with the Babbit reporter an interesting phenomenon.

He said that the northern blockchain startup company represented by Beijing will change the world as soon as it comes up, and study the whole situation or the partial framework. This is called the feelings of the home country, the grand narrative, and the same is true for the mainland. To the south of the Yangtze River, such as the blockchain companies in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xiamen, etc., everyone should either steadily engage in technology, or focus on how to make money, do business well, and then gradually change the world.

He attributed it to " regional personality differences ."

Although he has been in business for less than two months in Hangzhou, Hong Qigong fell in love with the city. “We didn’t take long to go to Hangzhou. The community has expanded from 10,000 to nearly 100,000 through live and e-commerce channels.” .

We know that digital currency has certain cognitive thresholds. How do these 100,000 people do it? Hong Qigong’s analysis is very impressive.

"The first is to train a group of hardcore fans, and then spread it to the users of the white currency through the users of the currency . The Hangzhou gang came over and talked about it. I found that I could get it in one sentence. 'Brother, the fried air currency is not tired? I have Physical stores, can also pay dividends, do you want to eat a hot pot to feel? '. If you directly talk to digital users about digital assets, people think that you are in pyramid schemes, and the currency is solved in one sentence, the threshold is low and the fission speed is very fast. ”

WeChat picture_20190902221958 The three circles in the picture are schematics drawn by Hong Qigong during the interview.

Talking about the status quo and future planning of the mainland EAT, Hong Qigong said that the complete business logic has been completed and the infrastructure is gradually improving. In the next six months, it is planned to reach 100 online brands and 1 million registered users.

After the interview, Hong Qigong gave the Babbitt reporter three copies of the information, one was the brochure for the mainland EAT, and the other was the book he wrote with Anshen, "Take it out, it is not difficult to do" (published), one It is an essay collection by Mr. Newton and Mr. Newton, Digital A World Revelation (not yet published).

Open this essay episode, the beginning of the preface is written like this,

I used to kill artificial cockroaches in my life, and I started to start a business in this life.

Entrepreneurship is a road of no return, no return to learning, no return to understanding, no return to endless goals.

Since March 2018, I have been determined to use the blockchain to transform the catering industry, break the current high-cost commission platform, rebuild the industrial flow, and practice the new pattern of “share, share, co-governance and symbiosis” of the industry. During the period, there were countless hardships and twists and turns, and there were countless times to explore myths. Among them, occasional incomes were recorded one by one. In many entrepreneurial projects in the blockchain , Hong Qi Gong is a different kind , because he is neither a currency nor a chain, he just tries to use the pass to open a new door for the catering industry.

He likes science fiction, claiming to be "the most tech-savvy person in the catering industry", although the science fiction novels are not well written; he appreciates Luo Yonghao (at this moment, hammers the mobile phone) and appreciates the spirit of Lao Luo's death. For Hong Qigong, even if the road to entrepreneurship is full of thorns and obstacles, regardless of the outcome, it is worth trying. Because sometimes, concentration itself is the beginning of success.