The skreosladder game was hacked and lost nearly a thousand EOS

Beosin (Chengdu Chain Security) situational awareness system alarm: From now on at 22:10 in the evening, the skreosladder game has been hacked again, and hackers have now gained nearly a thousand eos. The hacker has repeatedly attacked the game and has been blacklisted by the project side, but the hacker still uses the trumpet to bypass the restrictions. Chengdu Chain Security reminds the project party to be vigilant and pay attention to safety precautions. All parties are welcome to join Chengdu Chain's Eyesin-Eagle Eye and Beosin-EOSFW, Hawkeye Situational Awareness The system will provide free warning and alarm services for everyone. The Hawkeye contract firewall has a powerful hacker address library, which can block hackers immediately.