Sina Weibo publishes social app "Oasis", which can generate stored digital assets "water droplets" based on decentralized mode

On September 2nd, Sina Weibo released a new social app “Oasis”. Click on the water drop icon button in the "My" section page to enter the water drop collection page, where the user can get the flesh by collecting water droplets. The APP shows that water droplets are digital assets in the oasis social network, which are rewards for users to contribute value to the oasis. They are generated based on the decentralized model, and can be used to redeem benefits, reward content, vote for lists, etc. Water droplets are produced every 4 hours, and are not collected within 3 days, and the water droplets will evaporate. The total amount of water droplets is limited, and the higher the active value, the more water droplets are collected. Currently the app is still in beta and requires an invitation code to register. See for details.