Report: Bitcoin mining capacity will continue to increase during dry season, and vacancy rate in Northwest mine is expected to decline

The Guosheng District Block Chain Research Institute published an article saying that the bitumen mining will continue to rise as the dry season approaches. It is known that the second-generation 7-nanometer chip mining machine S17, S17 Pro contains about 144 chips, and a 12-inch 7-nanometer wafer can cut about 3,000 ASIC chips, assuming that these wafers are mainly used for Manufacturing 7-nano mining machine S17 Pro (56T), at the end of the year, Bitcoin can jointly produce about 1.04 million mining machines; assuming that the mining machines were officially launched, sold out and used for mining in early 2020, the entire network will be calculated. Increase by 58.24EH/s. The act of placing high orders reflects the confirmation of the mining machine market by the leading mining machine manufacturer, and the optimism about the future market. In addition, due to the low electricity cost during the wet season, the Southwest China Mine has attracted 60% of Bitcoin's entire network. After the end of the wet season in October, there will be many mining machines moving from the southwest to the northwest, and the vacancy rate of the Northwest Mine. Will decline.