BTC returned to 10,000 points, the adjustment is over?

Yesterday, the market picked up and Bitcoin returned to the 10,000 mark. Will the market regain its stability? It’s hard, of course, this is my personal point of view. The main factors that make this conclusion are the following. The external factors have basically been determined. The economic recession is already on the road. Don’t talk to me about it, it’s obviously high-frequency bitcoin. Can not be used to hedge, in addition we see that the volume of the entire market is gradually shrinking process, if you want to form a breakthrough, the volume should be gradually released, the turnover rate becomes larger, it is more conducive to the bulls to break through the key pressure The current situation, unless there is an impact of an emergency, it is difficult to release a relatively large volume of transactions, the market is still a shock trend can not form a true trend. In the medium term, the adjustment is the end, but it is only a back pumping in the adjustment process.


After returning to the 5 antennas, the BTC station pulled out a small-volume Zhongyang line and returned to the convergence triangle. There is a certain deviation from our previous judgment. The target may re-test the pressure of 11,000 USD. I personally think that here. Just walking back and forth inside the triangle, it is obvious that there is no volume, it is difficult to form an effective breakthrough in this convergence triangle, or insist that this is a medium-term adjustment pattern, the current trend is a total increase for this year. The callback, the current callback range is around 0.5, so it will continue to test the support near 0.618. According to the measurement algorithm, the next target of the target is around 7200-7500 USD. It is also a transaction-intensive area. The interval has a certain amount of support.


Regarding ETH, we still maintain the previous view. The funding is not high enough to be compared with the BTC. Although we followed the BTC to close the Zhongyang line, we did not see the target area above the $185 intensive trading area. The anti-extraction space of the target is limited, and careful participation is better. The fundamentals of the target are even more unable to support its large-scale rebound. Therefore, it is expected that the target will be further explored. Of course, when it is time to stop falling, it is necessary to stare at Bitcoin. In addition, the next strong support of the target is around 150 US dollars, combined with the trend of Bitcoin. If there is a heavy volume or a small position at this point, you have not seen the bottom-up signal at this point. Wait patiently. .


Although BNB has rebounded and closed the Zhongyang line, there is no obvious sign of enlargement in the transaction volume, indicating that the number of chassis is relatively small, and it is more cautious. We still maintain the medium-term adjustment judgment. The rebound of this round is only the previous low 24 A counter-extraction confirmation that the US dollar was broken has not yet been counter-drawn. It is expected that further confirmation will be made. After the confirmation is completed, I personally think that the target will further explore and seek support. According to the measurement of the decline, the target may Effective support around $18, if there is a small increase in the amount of 18 dollars, I will consider the small position bargain-hunting, does not constitute a proposal, pay attention to risk.

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