Tianjin Court Zhang Wei: Beware of the scam of investing in virtual currency, blockchain, etc.

According to Xinhua News, in recent years, illegal collection of illegal deposits, such as public deposits and fund-raising frauds, has brought many adverse effects. Zhang Wei, the vice president of the Second Intermediate People's Court of Tianjin, reminded the public that if one of the following situations is encountered, it is necessary to be vigilant:
(1) Taking the advantage of earning extra money and consumer rebates as a scorpion;
(2) investing in overseas equity, options, foreign exchange, precious metals, etc.;
(3) It is a slap in the face of investing in the pension industry with high returns or free pension;
(4) In the case of private placement of shares and partnerships, enterprises shall not apply for business registration;
(5) taking the investment of virtual currency, blockchain, etc. as a cover;
(6) Taking the poverty alleviation, charity and mutual assistance as the guise;
(7) Advertising in violation of laws and regulations on the street, in the community, in shopping malls, in supermarkets, etc.
(8) To recruit old people by means of organization inspection, tourism, lectures, etc.:
(9) The website of the investment and wealth management company and the server are outside the country;
(10) It is required to pay investment funds in cash or in personal accounts or overseas accounts.