BTC search volume has climbed to a record high, and the mysterious netizen 4Chan's currency price forecast has to be realized?

According to's September 3 report, BTC's Google search volume suddenly jumped to its highest level ever, and its search volume doubled compared with the peak of the 17-year bull market. Currently, BTC searches are higher than bitcoin, and bitcoin searches are even higher than Brexit.


BTC Google global search volume surge

The BTC search trends in the top five countries in the above search are all “normal” and not as exaggerated as the trend in the above chart. However, if we switch the region to the US, we can see that the peak value of the 2017 search is 25 compared to today's search value of 100.

The same applies to other English-speaking countries and some Western countries, even Turkey:


BTC's search volume in Turkey surges

Obviously, a lot of advertisements have been sent to a cryptocurrency exchange in Turkey. Although the advertisements posted on the exchange also mention bitcoin, the value of searching for bitcoin in Turkey does not seem to have any particular changes. This may be because people are interested in something that is not related to Bitcoin (but abbreviated as BTC), but the results of Google's search for BTC are related to Bitcoin.

Perhaps this is the robot trying to publish a large number of BtcTurk ads on the Internet, but Google can filter out the brush robot.


BTC, Bitcoin, Ethereum search volume comparison, September 2019

Therefore, why is there such a surge in the search volume of BTC, we still do not know the reason. But as some analysts have predicted, the price of bitcoin is rising today. As bitcoin prices have risen, Bitcoin has returned to a position of about $10,000.

Bitcoin is starting to rise?

In January of this year, a netizen named 4Chan said that the price of bitcoin will be $5,300 in April and $9,200 in July. At present, his predictions have been realized.


He further predicted that Bitcoin will reach $16,000 in October. In February 2020, the price of Bitcoin will rise to $29,000.

It remains to be seen whether the price of Bitcoin will follow the 4Chan forecast. If the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, then the increase in BTC search volume is indispensable, provided that this is not a robotic brush.