Huang Yanxun, Chairman of Essence Securities: Financial technologies such as blockchain are reconstructing the entire financial ecosystem

On September 3, Huang Yanxun, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Essence Securities Co., Ltd., pointed out that in recent years, the rapid innovation and application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain are reshaping the entire financial system. Ecological model, especially in the areas of blockchain, financial cloud services, big data risk control, smart investment, identification, intelligent customer service, smart customers, etc., financial technology has quickly affected and penetrated the underlying structure of the financial industry and before and after Backstage business. Specifically, financial technology has played an active role in gradually promoting the ecological reconstruction of the new securities industry. In terms of institutional business, the business is empowered in cloud-based transaction hosting services, using blockchain technology to improve the convenience and accuracy of TA work and valuation reconciliation work. However, the blockchain is still in the research stage in the securities market, with only some preliminary applications.