Wang Yanwen, Minister of Propaganda Department of Jiangsu Province: Keep up with the wave of technological innovation represented by blockchain and quantum communication

According to, on September 3, 2019 (the seventh) Jiangsu Internet Conference opened in Nanjing. Wang Yanwen, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and director of the Propaganda Department, said that the construction of a strong network should closely follow the wave of technological innovation represented by 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum communication, etc., and promote the integration of information technology and economic and social development. . At the same time, it is necessary to further consolidate the results of the "not meeting approval" reform, vigorously promote information to benefit the people, accelerate the construction of the province's integrated online government service system, and promote platform sharing, data sharing, and service interoperability through information technology.