Incarnation cryptocurrency spokesperson, Tesla CEO Musk said "crypto currency is my security word"

Tesla, SpaceX co-founder and CEO, and Elon Musk, who is known as Silicon Valley Iron Man, once again demonstrated his confidence in cryptocurrency and called it his own "security word." Musk has always been a staunch supporter of cryptocurrency, and the recent tweet proves that he has not changed his mind.

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Earlier this year, he said that cryptocurrency is the future of money, and banknotes will certainly disappear. He publicly expressed interest in buying cryptocurrencies, which to somehow caused him trouble when his Twitter account was frozen.

Musk later announced his support for Bitcoin, saying that bitcoin is very good and better than paper money. These beautiful words of Musk have convinced the encryption community that Tesla will soon begin to accept bitcoin purchases, but even at this time, this dream has not yet been realized.

Musk's recent connection to cryptocurrencies is related to Dogecoin. Earlier this month, he said that Dogecoin was his favorite cryptocurrency. There are even reports that in a poll before and after April Fool's Day, the encryption community once announced that he was the CEO of Dogecoin. Mask agreed with this. He added the dog currency CEO in his profile and then changed it to the former CEO of Dogecoin . The dog currency also rose by more than 50%.

Because of his love of cryptocurrencies, Musk is well known in the cryptocurrency industry and understands how this system works. He is serious about cracking down on cryptocurrency scams on social media, but his Twitter profile has been used repeatedly by bad people to deceive his followers.

The scammer used the billionaire's fake Twitter material, claiming that if his follower first sent a certain amount of bitcoin, it would provide free cryptocurrency. This caused his followers to collectively lose thousands of dollars. In fact, the Twitter accounts of US and Israeli politicians were hacked and advertised in his name.

However, Musk’s belief in cryptocurrency has not changed. He may delve into cryptocurrencies by investing or accepting cryptocurrencies at his car dealership. Many people in the field of encryption have asked him to do this, but apparently he has not made up his mind. However, only time will tell if Tesla will accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency purchase.

Image source: Wikipedia