Real-time settlement of contract transactions? Retail investors must manage their own hands

After the June and July after the BTC price has fluctuated almost daily, the intuitive feeling for investors in August is undoubtedly sideways. The market waits and sees the sentiment, and the direct result of the continuous sideways is that the trading volume of the cryptocurrency has declined. According to CoinMarketCap data, on September 1, the 24-hour trading volume of the global encryption market once fell below $40 billion, hitting a four-month low. Spot trading is sluggish, and exchanges have to work in the futures market. Early settlement has become the consensus of the head exchange.

WX20190903-161459@2x Source: QKL123

On August 14, the official announcement of the fire currency said that it will launch the real-time settlement function of the BTC contract at 18 o'clock on August 15th. After the user's BTC contract position is closed, the profit component has been realized (deducting the floating loss and the occupation margin, etc.) Support for withdrawal at any time, without waiting for settlement and delivery, thus effectively improving the efficiency of capital use.

On August 30th, OKEx announced that it will improve customer transaction utilization and optimize the trading experience. OKEx will be available for daily settlement of BTC, EOS and ETH delivery contracts at 16:00 Hong Kong time on August 30th. The settlement time will be adjusted from 16:00 every Friday in Hong Kong to 16:00 every day.

Real-time settlement of the fire coin and daily settlement of OKEx, both emphasize one point: improve the efficiency of capital use. In the past, before the contract was delivered, the realized profit obtained by the investor after the liquidation was not extracted, and it was not necessary until the contract delivery was completed. After the actual settlement time is shortened, this part of the funds can be extracted and continued to be invested in currency transactions or contract transactions. For example, in the quarterly contract with the best transaction depth, the fire currency contract for this quarter was delivered on September 27. The previous profit portion needs to be extracted on the 27th, but now it can be settled in real time. The efficiency of capital use has increased significantly, encouraging users to trade more.

In fact, since the BTC probed $10,600 on August 26, it has entered the down + sideways phase, hitting $9311 on August 29. For a time, market sentiment has been increasing, and some analysts even screamed for $7,000. Since then, in the legend of "long-term will fall", the low-priced bargain-hunting sentiment has made many investors wait and see in the spot market.

The spot market is in a downturn, and the positions in the futures contract market are high. Investors are holding positions to wait for a change. Sideways means low amplitude. For contract trading, to achieve high profit in low amplitude, it is necessary to increase the position. Therefore, funds that are collected in real-time or daily settlement are likely to continue to flow into newly opened contracts. A stable investor may open more new positions, while an impatience may increase leverage while opening a position.


According to OK's contract big data, the number of long and short positions has been declining at the end of August, while the big ones are determined to be long, which means that retail investors are short-selling. However, the continuous rise of September 2 and 3 once again educated short-selling retail investors. The original "plus warehouse" hopes to harvest more happy users, and this time it is necessary to face more losses.

Contract trading is not easy, but the exchange has always used various measures to encourage users to trade. It is convenient for users to settle in advance, and retail investors who like frequent operations can't help but "a lot of operations are fierce." Retail investors themselves like to operate frequently. At this time, it is necessary to clearly understand that the improvement of capital utilization can help you earn more, and naturally you can lose more. Don't forget the "small house" scythe, you should manage your own "hands-on" hand.