Dfinity, this summer is over, but I still haven't received your short sleeves.

When you talk about the Dfinity project, the short sleeves will not run.

In fact, there is not much money in a surrounding T-shirt, mainly because this shirt was originally obtained through the airdrop, you have to pay the freight first. Most people paid the freight, but the year passed and the shirt was not drawn. This is a place where everyone criticizes Dfinity: even basic integrity can't be done.

The time window of the public chain is very important. Coupled with the fact that the track of the public chain is now crowded, if it is not launched quickly in the right time, then this public chain will be forgotten and eliminated by history.

It happens that Dfinity is another master who has repeatedly delayed. I can't remember how many test networks it has delayed.

If it has not yet launched the main network before 2020, I think this project is really dangerous. Although this project is not bad, but you have not been out of the main network, there is so much money and what is the use: the first-tier investors can not withdraw, the second-level investors can not intervene, the project is gradually forgotten. Another point of doubt is what the team is doing with the money.

Speaking of Dfinity, I thought of a project, Radix. This project is known as 1 million TPS. Although it seems that this theme is uninteresting, at the time of the day, this theme is still very attractive.

This feeling, like every other time, we look at the past are all stupid. When you look back at the projects that everyone used to be crazy and fascinated, you will send a feeling: lying. I was actually crazy about this stupid project?

Off topic. I think this is normal, because if you don't feel that you are stupid in the past, you can only show that you have not improved at all.

A friend in the community asked me before: How about the Radix project? My reply to this is:

I am not optimistic about radix for the following reasons: First, the project delay is too serious. Projects that are too protracted should be vigilant, indicating that the team's ability to deliver jobs is problematic. Such as Dfinity and Hashgraph. Second, the token economy is unclear and very opaque. Third, the founders of the project are somewhat independent, and he has no advantage in the era of the current circle of money and the relationship and resources. Fourth, the subject matter is not attractive. Pure TPS is outdated, and the main line of Solana's main network will even kill Radix directly. And Solana is the star project of the stars, and Radix has no advantage. In summary, this project is extremely unreliable.

By the way, Dfinity is mentioned. Dfinity has been procrastinating and there is reason to suspect that its ability to deliver jobs is very problematic.

The dividend period of the public chain has long passed, and even the next sloppy conclusion: If Dfinity can't get on the main network before 2020, then it is really smothered.

How about A16Z re-injecting Dfinity?

I believe that the A16Z will take some self-help measures, but in the face of the trend, it is impossible to reverse it with just one institution, although the A16Z is really very good.

Don't forget, around 2020, the following projects will be launched: Near Protocol, Coda, Solana, Ethereum, Polkadot…

Dfinity really doesn't have much advantage.