Twitter Featured: How does the industry big V look at the current bitcoin investment?

Bitcoin Cash City Conference opens tomorrow; pushes transaction fee activity

Bitcoin Cash The most important conference of the year, the Bitcoin Cash City Conference, will open in Australia from September 4th to 5th. Let's take a look at what the community has to do in the near future~

Peter R.Rizun, Chief Scientist, Bitcoin Unlimited:

One of the values ​​of the Bitcoin cash community is to unite under our goal of expanding BCH into electronic cash for 8 billion people. Although there are different opinions on the best technical route and node implementation, this goal allows us to unite.

Unity> split.

Some users have questioned's website misleading users in the btc and bch distinctions. Former Bit Continental CEO Wu Jihan also voiced in the face of Adam Back's accusation:

Adam Back: Yes, fraud is happening. Even the creators of BCH complain that it is a fraud. Adam Back posted a tweet from Wu Jihan in 2017. “Bitcoin is bitcoin. Bitcoin cash is bitcoin cash.”

Jihan Wu: My observation is that now intends to clearly distinguish between the two cryptocurrencies: BTC and BCH. is a legitimate website that helps people find valuable information on cryptocurrencies. launches transaction negative fee activity:

Our cryptocurrency exchange has been launched, and in order to celebrate, you will receive trading rewards!

Within three months, you will earn a transaction fee plus a cumulative transaction volume of 0.3%. (Equivalent to the no-fee fee and a 0.3% transaction bonus in accordance with the transaction amount.)

In the detailed announcement, each person returns a negative fee of up to $1 million in cumulative transaction volume, which means they can earn up to $3,000.


How does the industry big V look at the current bitcoin investment?

Smart contract concept creator, cryptographer Nick Szabo:

You shouldn't do things with bitcoin:

* Urgent cash reserve

* I will buy a Lamborghini next year.

Things you can do with bitcoin:

* Prevent policy risks

* As part of a portfolio, hold for more than 4 years, such as retirement, education, and inheritance.

President of the European Pacific Capital, gold lover Peter Schiff:

As trade tensions intensified and the renminbi depreciated, Bitcoin returned to $10,000. But don't think that this rise is the same as gold, reflecting the buying of safe-haven demand. Bitcoin is not bought by investors seeking safe havens, but by speculators who are betting on it.

Former Google developer and bitcoin supporter Vijay boyapati replied to:

Investors in speculative bitcoin will become a “safe haven” (reserve assets) in the future because of its superior currency attributes (compared to gold and dollars).

Without speculation, nothing can become a world currency from zero.

Well-known financial commentator and investor Max Keiser:

The decline in the bitcoin market proves that Own Cong CSW has no bitcoin from the beginning, so it is obvious that he can't pay the Nakamoto Sat 1/2 bitcoin that the court asked him to pay. Since the potential supply (referring to CW's bitcoin “throwing”) is no longer an obstacle, we will see a new high (bitcoin price) journey.


Compound platform Dai lock volume exceeds the sum of other platform locks

DeFi Pulse statistics website:

The CompoundFinance (a decentralized lending platform) contract's Dai (Ethernet Stabilization Coin) locks (an increase of 6.2% today) is more than the other totals on the leaderboard.

(Note: At present, Dai's total lock volume is about 17 million Dai, and Compound locks 10.7 million Dai, more than half.)

This is almost 14% of all Dai supply. (According to CMC data, the current total circulation of Dai is 76.75 million)

(Note: Compound is a decentralized financial platform that supports the functions of “deposit interest rate” and “mortgage loan”. Currently, the deposit interest of Dai is 10.12% and the interest on loan interest is 15.72%.


Industry news

1. According to Coingape, Burger King, the world's second-largest chain restaurant company, supports bitcoin payments, and customers can use Bitcoin to pay for meals in the restaurant's mobile app.

2. According to Cointelegraph, encryption market commentator Josh Rager accused wave field founder Sun Yuchen (current Twitter fan is 1.657 million) buying 5000 Twitter fans every day. Rager also showed screenshots of his statistics to prove his claim. . In this regard, Sun Yuchen has not made any reply.

3. Cocos-BCX partner Caterina Zhang and Cocos-BCX overseas eco partner Infinito's Jack will conduct community AMA on potential partnerships and eco-construction of Cocos-BCX.

4. According to The Block, Coin bought the Jex exchange, and Jex will be renamed Binance Jex, which will provide derivatives trading.

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