"Copyright black hole door" detonated, blockchain copyright application is expected to accelerate

Recently, the "black hole picture" copyright issue has drawn attention. The National Copyright Administration expressed its concern for the protection of copyright in pictures and safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of copyright owners in accordance with the law. The copyright protection of pictures will be included in the upcoming "Jianwang 2019" special action to further regulate the copyright order of the picture market. In recent years, technical means of copyright protection have evolved, such as blockchains. It is generally believed in the industry that blockchain deposit information has real, unique and non-tamperable characteristics, which can provide strong original proof and evidence of rights protection for copyright originators, effectively solving the painful problems of low efficiency of copyright protection and difficulty in safeguarding rights in the past. On April 11, the judgment of the Beijing Internet Court's first blockchain "balance chain" was released. Compared with the traditional forensic procedures, the “balance chain” verification program is more convenient and efficient, saves resources, improves judicial efficiency, and solves the problem of difficult evidence collection, difficulty in obtaining evidence, and difficulty in identification. Combined with the present, the case is quite representative, and the application of blockchain to intellectual property protection is expected to become a future trend.