SBI President: Considering the active use of R3's Corda platform, SBI Ripple Aisa is developing a new system

On September 3, at the 2019 Financial Technology Summit hosted by the Japan Finance Agency, Nishio Yoshio, President of SBI Holdings of Japan, said: “The R3 Corda platform with smart contract function can be used in various fields. SBI Group is considering actively using Corda.” Having talked about the cooperation with Ripple, it said: "About cross-border remittance, xCurrent is currently being used. XRapid will be used in the future, in other words, remittance will be implemented with XRP. SBI Remit, SBI Ripple Aisa and close to SBI Group The relevant Southeast Asian banks are cooperating to develop a new system that will be completed in the near future and build the next generation of financial infrastructure.